With the good weather just around the corner, many people are asking themselves if the time has come to make their dream come true of building a pool in their homes. Whether for fun, well-being or even for financial reasons… You will find five good reasons why this is the year for you to take the plunge once and for all:

1. You will spend more time with the family

There is no denying that a pool brings a family together. Nowadays, the hectic pace of life and finding the time to relax in the company of your loved ones (without the constant interruptions of mobiles, tablets or the TV) can be difficult. A pool is ideal for family enjoyment and gives many opportunities for bonding.

2. Kids love it

Pools keep kids active. Unlike the other ways they prefer to spend their free time in front of a screen, all poolside games and adventures keep them on the move, so that they wear themselves out during the day and go to bed earlier and totally relaxed. What’s more, as lung capacity improves and the muscles responsible for breathing in and out get stronger, exercise in the water is good for children with asthma.

3. It will help you beat stress

A quiet swim at the end of the working day, dealing with stress by doing sport, a pleasant chat by the poolside, splashing your feet in the water or just looking at the completely still surface of a pool is in itself a way of relaxing. If you also add the right lighting and relaxing mineral salts, you will experience a sensational feeling of calm.

4. There is no healthier way to have fun

Whatever your age, a pool is the best place to do sport. Physical exercise in the water is extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system and joint mobility. Swimming is a great choice for doing exercise, but it is not the only way: why not invite your friends round to do aquagym or play a game of water polo? Do sport while you improve your social life!

5. You will increase the value of your home

Do you know that in addition to health, leisure and well-being, building a pool could bring you financial advantages? A number of studies have found that having a pool significantly increases the value of a property. Although the increase can vary depending on location and climate, these studies estimate it to be between 7 and 20%.