News / Cleanliness and style: the keys to a successful “pool party”

The arrival of summer and the start of the swimming season deserves to be celebrated in style. Follow these tips to plan the pool party of the year!

An impeccable pool
A basic requirement for the success of any pool party is clean, clear water that invites guests to dive right in. So make sure that your party won’t soon be forgotten: get your system in top condition and clean all dirt that has accumulated on the floor of the pool.

A number of pool-cleaning options are available, though few are as effective as automatic pool cleaning robots, including the Dolphin E10.  This light small robot is ideal for all types of small pools including above ground pools.  It gives crystal clear cleaning results with all surface active brushing action.  It has an effective easy-to-use filtration system with efficient dirt collection.

Create the right atmosphere
If you truly want to impress your guests, it’s just as important to pay attention to the area around the pool as the pool itself. Outdoor lamps are your greatest allies and can create a unique atmosphere that immerses your guests in a magical fusion of water, light and colour.