Add a family of children and a handful of pets to a brand new swimming pool and what’s the essential ingredient?  It is, of course, the Coverstar – the market leading automatic safety cover that is as stylish as it is safe.

Equally stunning by night and day, this beautiful new pool was designed and constructed by Cambridgeshire pool company Aqualeaf Ltd. Bought for the enjoyment of their growing family, the Petersons were keen to maximise safety and were immediately impressed with the robust nature of the Coverstar safety cover.

The Coverstar prides itself on being simple to operate via a key switch and when not in use, the key can be removed, preventing unauthorised operation and adding to the product’s safety.

Mr Peterson says: “What we like about the Coverstar is that it is so easy to use – being automatic, it takes literally a couple of minutes at the most to uncover the pool. We didn’t want a cover that would take ages to put on and off. Let’s face it, in this country in the time that it takes to get some covers off a pool, the weather can have changed!”

Music to the ears of all pool owners looking to reduce their heating, Mr Peterson adds that the cover also scores ten out of ten for retaining the pool’s heat. “In fact, on really hot days we have to remove the cover to let some of the heat out otherwise the water can become too hot for swimming!”

Covered in glory

The Coverstar system is based on strength. For example, the sliders, which are traditionally the weakest part of a cover system, are more than four times as strong as any other slider used in the industry.

The cover’s strength also comes from the heavy duty fabric – the Ultragard 3 vinyl composite fabric is of industrial strength; is available in a variety of colours and offers unparalleled resistance to sun, chlorine and other pool chemicals.

The cover features an exclusive heavy-duty double row of stainless steel ball bearing pulleys which have almost triple the load bearing capacity of single row pulleys used by other companies.

Coverstar will fulfil almost any customer requirement. The shape of the pool is virtually irrelevant as Coverstar’s powerful hydraulic drive and versatile track options can enclose almost any pool.

A team of fully trained engineers is available to install the Coverstar system. Alternatively, written instructions are provided if you wish to complete your own installation.