1   UV light is effective against all micro-organisms

Water purification by UV-C light is the most effective sanitising method available today. UV light destroys micro-organisms in domestic pools up to 99.9%.

2   UV pool sanitisers contribute to crystal clear water

The most important culprit of cloudy water, micro-organisms such as algae, will be eliminated by UV pool sanitisers. But also chloramines can be the indirect cause of cloudy water, especially when the disinfection level of free chlorine in the water is too low. UV-C lamps destroy micro-organisms up to 99.9% and breaks down chloramines up to 80%.

3    With UV purifiers, you reduce the use of chemicals for water treatment

UV-C purification makes sure there is more stability in pools and spas, therefore adding extra chemicals can be prevented.  It is always necessary to maintain a residual of chlorine in the pool water though that level can be reduced through the use of UV.

4   You will have lower costs in chemicals, energy and maintenance

Materials in and around the pool suffer from chemicals added to the pool water. Because UV-C radiation destroys most of the harmful chloramines in the water, the materials in and around the pool get affected much less.

5   There is no risk of overdosing with UV pool sanitisers

Overdosing chemicals in pools and spas can cause serious health problems and even foamy or cloudy water. UV radiation cannot be overdosed and destroys all of the micro-organisms.

6   UV is a green, non-hazardous technology

Last but not least – UV light is an environmentally friendly way to sanitise pool water.

For further information read The Role of Chlorine in a World of UV by Blue Lagoon

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