The south coast of England undeniably gets more hours of sunshine than the rest of the British Isles but it is still subject to the vicissitude of an unpredictable climate. So for Brighton pool owner, Mark Jackman who wants to get the most out of his new swimming pool, installing a Certikin Aquacomet enclosure, with all its flexible options, was a no-brainer.

“The pool was high maintenance and the wind often made it unpleasant when swimming,” says Mr Jackman. “Using it outside of the summer months was totally out of the question and it was an eyesore. Heating was expensive and it was constantly filled with leaves and other garden debris. Giles Leisure introduced me to the Certikin/Aquacomet pool enclosures, which seemed the perfect solution. After a couple of site visits I chose a fixed enclosure with one section tailored so it would exactly fit the desired area.”

The enclosure the Jackman’s chose is ingenious in design because all the sides (except the aluminium legs) can be lifted up, neatly folding away into the roof making the pool open to the elements. Fixed load bearing profiles are installed every 2 metres, while the doors are made of transparent, solid polycarbonate. In this way, the enclosure can be opened up to a height of 2.1 m along both sides. Alternatively, the pool can be opened up for ventilation by opening only the upper parts, maintaining a childproof barrier around the pool.

The installation was carried out by Ultimate Atm Solutions whose MD, Phillip Osborne says: “Surrounded on two sides by a garden brick wall, Mark Jackman’s pool was not a straightforward installation because of the working space constraints. We knew that fixing one end to the customer’s existing brick wall, which was very uneven, would be crucial as it would govern the rest of the levels for the enclosure. The customer had marble slabs, which we had to core out with diamond drill bits before we could drill for our fixings. This was time consuming but necessary so as not to crack the slabs. The project took three days to complete using a three-man team.”

Mark says: “I could not be more delighted with the result. The attachment to the back garden wall and the way it has been sealed surpassed my expectations. We can swim all year if we wish and maintenance has been massively reduced. Apart from scooping off the odd bug there is little else to do. Sitting in the enclosure is as pleasant as swimming. The garden looks so much more inviting now. The necessary filtration time is much reduced. If I close all the windows, the greenhouse effect takes the enclosure up to 40 degrees C even in April on a sunny day. I expect my heating costs in the summer to be negligible. Furthermore, it is both child and pet safe. You can simply lock the sliding doors. There are no draughts and swimming is a pleasure. I recommend a pool enclosure as the perfect home swimming solution.”

Mark adds: “As well as relaying my pleasure with the enclosure itself, I want to convey how impressed I was by Phillip and his two colleagues who erected the enclosure. They were pleasant, professional and worked ceaselessly. I enjoyed having them here and I cannot be more pleased with the enclosure and the service I received.”

Alex Howell from Giles Leisure says: “When the client approached me his remit was for an economically priced, quality pool enclosure that would increase his swimming season. The reason I chose Aquacomet was primarily down to the superior build quality, but equally important was the professional service provided by Fiona Denley in the Certikin office, keeping me informed on progress right through from the original enquiry to satisfactory completion. This support and technical back-up is so important to busy pool retailers.”

Aquacomet Pool Enclosures from Certikin

Every possible permutation is catered for, including low level, high level, lean to, fixed and sliding options.

The Orion is another stunning range that offers telescopic opening and closing without railings through the use of an extremely strong yet visually light-appearing structure.

The metal of the Endless Summer structure can be ordered in white (RAL 9010) or moss green (RAL 6005), which are the standard design colours. Wood pattern or other RAL coded surface treatments are available as other options. The roof surface of the enclosure is made of double wall polycarbonate while the side doors and wall endings are made of transparent polycarbonate sheet.

The enclosures are suitable for many applications (both commercial and domestic) and not just swimming pools and spas – indeed they can offer an outside “living” room for any use.

The easy to handle sliding doors can be locked so that the enclosure is not accessible to children.

Certikin offers a free site survey. Installation is optional to give full peace of mind, or supply only and guidance provided should it be preferred.