“This is probably the pool of my career… so far,” says SPATA award winning wet leisure expert, Richard Adams of New Dawn Pools about this envy-inducing pool in the Cotswolds. Given carte blanche by the owner to create the pool of her dreams, the only stipulation was that the project had to be environmentally friendly, hence a Calorex heat pump was chosen for its green credentials.  

Gloucestershire-based New Dawn Pools is no stranger to building awe-inspiring high-end pools and spas but this one stood out as being particularly special because of its simple clean lines beauty and unique position. Located in Winchcombe – one of the highest points in the Cotswolds, the property has breath taking views across the valley, so an infinity edge pool to capitalise on this feature was a must. The 10m by 5m concrete pool was built on the site of an old tiled pool but with the addition of a beautiful internal spa complete with walk-in steps.

Richard says: “The owner was concerned about looking at the swimming pool from the lower garden and tennis court and seeing a concrete wall so we came up with the idea of building a Cotswold stone wall on the infinity edge upstand. We clad the wall with stone and soft planting and the water trickled over the infinity edge detail to give the impression of a waterfall from a natural spring. We then infilled the trough with pebbles.”

In line with the owner’s brief for energy efficiency, Richard installed a Calorex Pro-Pac as the plant room work horse. In addition, two Certikin heat exchangers (one to assist the heat pump in the Winter and one for the hot tub), were installed and connected to a domestic boiler to boost the pool’s temperature when they have parties and to heat the spa independently.

Started in January 2017, Richard and his team worked to a tight schedule to complete the pool and landscaping in time for a big family wedding at the end of July, where the pool and spa quickly became the focus of entertainment.

Richard says: “We were honoured and privileged to be awarded this project, which was an absolute joy to work on. This has become the latest New Dawn flagship pool.”

Ten reasons to pick Pro-Pac

Using “state of the art” green technology, Calorex heat pumps heat pools for a fraction of the cost of gas, oil and direct electric heaters, but without the carbon footprint.

The Pro-Pac domestic ‘Y’ range provide reliable heat even in the harshest winter conditions. An intelligent, electronically controlled defrost allows the units to operate reliably in air temperatures as low as -15 °C!

High efficiencies: Pro-Pac heat pumps are designed to provide an industry leading coefficient of performance, saving CO2 and reducing operating costs.

Titanium full flow heat exchanger.

High efficiency, sound insulated, rotary (PP 8 and 12) or scroll (PP 16 and 22) compressors. Fully ERP compliant

Touch screen controls which enable easy adjustment of the pool water set point temperature and clear symbols show the actual water temperature and operational status of the unit.

“Smart pool pump control – Pro Pac can synchronise a pool pump to run only when the pool requires heating, significantly cutting down on pool pump running time. Used with a time clock that operates the pool pump for a block period, minimum pool water turnover rates are maintained.

Small footprint – the Pro-Pac range is designed with space in mind.  Furthermore, Pro-Pac’s comply with size requirements for permitted development rights (models 8-22)

Three-year on-site parts and labour warranty. Ten-year anti-corrosion warranty on the Pro-Pac casing.

Fully supported by a nationwide network of service engineers, often offering next day attendance and fix.