News / Short of water? Certikin has the solution


For those areas of the UK threatened with the imposition of a hosepipe ban, Certikin has a low cost, simple, lasting solution …in the form of the ingenious OC-1 filtration media. Its reduced requirement for backwashing and a more efficient backwash means that water consumption is greatly reduced, along with chemical usage and heating.

Introduced two years ago, the filter media is fast becoming the filtration media of choice as the pool market moves increasingly towards energy efficient ‘green’ products; OC-1 fits perfectly into this trend.

OC-1 filter media is 80% free area (compared to sand or glass media which is about 5%). This means that water passes through the filter bed with ease, reducing the pressure in the system and dropping the head as well. It filters to the same standards as sand or glass but with a much bigger debris capacity, meaning you can go longer between backwashing.

Certikin’s Commercial Manager, Steve Nelson says: “They say every cloud has a silver lining and this summer’s potential drought situation is an excellent opportunity to switch to OC-1. Since its launch, we have had superb feedback and have new installations and the upgrading of existing sand filters every week.”


More reasons why you should switch to OC-1

Reduces energy consumption – OC-1 maintains constant flow rates, even when the media becomes dirty. No downtime is required for heating/salt chlorinators/heat pumps going out on low flow. The constant flow means pumps can be run at lower speeds, thus saving energy.

Huge capacity for debris collection – OC-1 offers over 20 times the capacity of sand or glass.

Lightweight – Can even be shipped inside a filter, easy to handle and super quick and easy to install.

Less Maintenance – lasts longer than sand, reduces pressure in the system,
extending the life of equipment.

Filters to International swimming pool standards.

Suitable for ALL installations – domestic or commercial, outdoor or indoor, new installations or existing filters.

Recyclable at end of product life.

Payback typically 12 months.

Special filters

Two filters, specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with OC-1 media, for both domestic and commercial installations, are available. The Commercial version can be supplied complete with the OC-1 media already preloaded and allows quicker installation and avoids having to load sand or glass into the tanks on site. The Domestic version comes ready for the media to be installed and is easy to ship and quick to install. The OC-1 Filter range covers all applications from small domestic to the largest commercial installations.

It is easy to convert an existing sand filter for use with OC-1 with a simple lateral modification.


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