Smooth Operator

Most would agree that maintenance and operator training are crucial to the smooth running of any wet leisure facility.

Limited communication among staff at large facilities, high employee turnover rates – particularly at seasonal facilities – and multiple responsibilities assigned to the same person (i.e. building maintenance, landscaping and pool care) at small facilities may go some way to explaining the limited awareness towards maintenance and training that is regularly witnessed throughout the industry.

Ensuring the safety of the general public as well as maintaining a good reputation, makes it worth investing in these areas.

So, in order to better ensure that pool’s run efficiently and safely, facilities need to make maintenance and training a year round / on-going process. By segmenting the pool season into three parts – pre season, in-season and post-season – sites can better manage the process of maintenance and training.

Pre Season

Check all electrical and plumbing systems

✓ Servicing and maintenance: Arrange servicing and maintenance for equipment via service providers/manufacturers

✓ Annual training: Couple servicing and maintenance visits with refresher training for cost effectiveness. Many service providers and / or manufacturers will offer some kind of on-site training

✓ Consider sending at least one key member of staff to have more in-depth training, such as attending a Pool Plant Operators course

✓ Review risk assessments, method statements and operating procedures to identify further areas for training


✓ Inspect all equipment weekly, if not daily, to ensure it is running correctly, is clean and there are no leaks

✓ At least once a month, do a quick review with staff on equipment operation

✓ Test the pool / spa water before use and every 2-3 hours thereafter. Manual test readings should be checked against chemical controller readings and recorded

✓ Ensure staff are adhering to water testing guidance and that testing equipment is properly cleaned and maintained

✓ Keep the pool / spa’s log in a specified location and stress the importance of keeping meticulous records

✓ Regularly check and maintain PPE equipment


✓ Where necessary disassemble equipment, clean it and store appropriately

✓ Invite service providers / manufacturers to site to decommission equipment correctly

✓ Prepare for next season. Attend any training sessions and stay informed on industry guidance

These steps are intended as a basic overview of maintenance practices and do not include all necessary operator actions, which may vary by recreational water facility. Facilities should contact their chemical or equipment supplier or manufacturer for more comprehensive information. As a bare minimum, on-site operators should familiarise themselves with industry guidance and training courses.


Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

The British and Irish Hot Tub Association

Pool Plant Operators Courses

A PDF version of this technical bulletin can be downloaded via this link

Please contact us for further information regarding the servicing and maintenance of CertiDos equipment.