NIVEKO has long been regarded as the gold standard in one-piece pools, thanks to its  unique winning combination of craftmanship, style and durability.

For a pool up and running within a matter of weeks, the NIVEKO wins hands down. That’s not all… in looks, it is easily the equal of the most luxurious tiled concrete pools – as Mermaid Pools illustrate with this beautiful pool they installed in Kent.

Going in just six weeks from the excavation of the hole to filling the pool with water, this NIVEKO pool more than matched the owner’s brief for a speedy installation of a high quality, state-of-the-art pool, in keeping with the modern new house, and falling within the allotted budget. The client wanted the pool for family entertainment and to swim lengths. Steve Russell of Mermaid Pools says: “Given that he was keen to have the pool built and operational in time for summer, we introduced the concept of the one-piece pool and had no hesitation in recommending the NIVEKO. We are particularly impressed with the NIVEKO’s attention to design and detail. It’s a pool that shouts luxury and draws the eye. The client hadn’t considered the one-piece pool option and needed some persuasion, but the excellent, very informative NIVEKO brochure, plus its speed of installation, soon won him over. The decision was made to opt for a 9m x 3.7m constant depth freeboard pool, with a modern corner step and underwater pool lighting.”

Following the light trimming of some trees for access, the pool was delivered on the back of a lorry and the installation went to plan. Steve says: “The pool is encased on all four sides by 300mm thick steel reinforced concrete; the floor is a 200mm thick vibrated steel reinforced plinth, the build tolerances on the floor are 1mm, this is an extremely tight tolerance. This installation will stand the test of time!

“To achieve the contemporary finish we chose a white shell, white cover and a contrasting border coping stone in black flamed granite. We then advised the installation of synthetic decking as the client wanted to keep the pool and surround as maintenance free as possible. Certikin supplied a Lacron filtration tank, Calorex Pro-Pac 16 heat pump, pipework and a Roldeck Easy Cover.”

Steve adds: “The client was over the moon with the end result saying: ‘Great service from a great team. Super happy with this once in a lifetime pool.’

For further details on the range of NIVEKO pools from Certikin visit certikin.co.uk or email info@certikin.co.uk

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