This impressive deck level concrete pool, brimming with Certikin equipment, is the workmanship of Sunderland pool dealer Whitewaters Ltd. It certainly turned the heads of the SPATA judges this year when they awarded it a Silver in the Residential Indoor Pools category £125,000 to £150,000 category.

The crowning glory of this beautiful pool is Certikin’s Roldeck automatic cover and, roll back the cover, there’s plenty of evidence of the company’s other market leading equipment too. Under construction for over two years, the pool was completed on Christmas Eve. A Christmas present to his family, the owner wrote to Whitewaters’ MD Mick Guthrie saying: “We are delighted with the finished product and since christening it on Christmas day, we find ourselves swimming at every opportunity. The workmanship is of the highest quality and everything you said you would do was carried out in a timely manner with no fuss.”

Mick takes up the story: “The client used his in-house joiner and his part-time assistant to build the pool hall which meant the project was long and spanned two and a half winters. The pool’s location on an exposed rural site on top of the Pennine Hills created the inevitable access problems but it was all worth it as the result is stunning and bears testimony to the fact that it was executed to an extremely high standard. We’re proud of it and so are the owners!

“By moving the pool away from the centre of the pool hall, we were able to create a large seating/entertainment area at one end of the pool whilst still allowing a spacious bar area and lounging area on either side of the pool. We are particularly proud of the 5m wide water wall – a textured splitface stone feature wall which, with the water cascading down it, creates a soothing effect. This is operated by an independent pump circuit that can be switched on/off to suit.

“The pool overflow detail was cut from 40mm limestone and creates a slick double slot detail whilst still offering the capability to lift sections out for cleaning and maintenance. Both pool and spa are tiled with a vibrant pearlescent blend and the pool halls are clad with natural travertine.”

Certikin equipment featured in the pool includes the Vision filter, Blue Lagoon domestic UV disinfection system, stainless steel fittings and the Roldeck. Made-to-measure, it is the Rolls Royce of slatted covers in terms of heat insulation, evaporation control, durability and aesthetic appearance. It is manufactured in interlocking sections similar to a Venetian blind. Fully automatic, the Roldeck comes with a touch pad switch and remote control for easy operation. The touch screen control also allows the control of the pool LED lights.

An extensive range of slats is available. The Roldeck’s standard PVC slats come in white, blue, cream, grey, solar and transparent (with a slight blue tint). The solar model, with a black base, collects heat from the sun and transfers it directly into the water, greatly reducing heating costs. The translucent slats allow under water lighting to shine through. Plus of course, there is the brand new Eclipse range which is available in solar blue, solar clear, solar aluminum look, lagoon and ocean.

Whitewaters installed a Calorex Variheat complete with touch screen  control, to look after the heating and environmental control of the pool hall. It is an incredibly versatile environmental control unit that takes care of heating, humidity control, ventilation and energy recovery, which can be tailor-made to suit almost any plant room. Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex Variheat consumes, it will convert more than twice this amount to usable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation, considerable energy cost saving can be made and corresponding CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced.

Mick concludes: “We were delighted to win a Silver SPATA award for this beautiful pool, to sit alongside our other SPATA awards plus the EUSA award we won last year. Industry recognition is vital as is, of course, customer satisfaction.”

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