This impressive pool and spa is the work of Surrey pool retailer, Falcon Pools. Even the concrete and tiled spa spectacularly transforms into a water feature, by way of a fountain installed within. Attention has been paid to every detail and the detail is Certikin.

Creating a haven for peace and tranquillity, this pool fits perfectly into the beautiful garden. The fully tiled pool and concrete spa with its unique hand cut copings compliments and, at the same time, enhances its surroundings.

Is it a spa or is it a fountain? It’s both! The telescopic fountain adds to the enjoyment of this spa – when not in operation, the fountain retracts flush with the bottom in its own housing and does not protrude. When the spa is not in use, with the simple press of a button the spa transforms into a glorious poolside fountain/water feature.

Covered in glory

Certikin’s market leading safety cover, the Coverstar was high on the owner’s shopping list. Not only for its safety credentials but because the pool is designed for all year round use and the Coverstar is first class in its heat retaining qualities – it can save up to 70 per cent on heating and chemical costs.

Composite decking at the far end of the pool conceals the pit for the Coverstar. The cover simply operates with the push of a switch with the  system being based on strength and this is echoed in the super-strong Eclipse mechanism, which is manufactured with almost all stainless-steel components.  The sliders (traditionally the weakest part of any safety cover) are four times as strong as any other slider used in the industry.  Furthermore, the pulley diameter is 2”, providing five times the load bearing capacity of commonly used pulleys. Such is the manufacturer’s confidence in the product that the cover’s mechanism comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Unlike other safety cover suppliers which use an industry standard vinyl, Coverstar features a far superior vinyl composite, in a range of colours.  Whereas most safety cover suppliers use sewn webbing, (which often proves to be the weak area and results in premature failure), the manufacturer has invented and patented the heat-sealed process, which prolongs the life of the cover and improves the overall operation.  This is colour matched to the Coverstar fabric to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

A step-up!

Safety extends to the grab rails and Certikin pool ladders. The Certikin 1.7” ladders are manufactured to comply wuth the Domestic Pool Standard EN16582-1:2015  Built using 316 grade stainless steel, they are supplied with stainless steel anti-slip treads as standard, as well as the Certikin pinch anchors which give a sturdy, secure installation on all types of pool surround.

The heat is on

The pool is fitted with a high performance Bowman heat exchanger. It enables pools to be heated to the required temperature, up to three times faster than its competitors, reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Suitable for all kinds of pools, including salt chlorinated, they are available with tube stacks made in cupro nickel, stainless steel and titanium (which has a full 10 year warranty on the tube stack). Most models also incorprate a thermostat pocket and plastic ends with solvent weld connections. In addition to units for conventional boilers, specific models are also available for solar panels and heat pumps, in a range that covers everything from resort type complexes to spa pools and hot tubs.

Other Certikin equipment featured on this pool includes pool fittings (skimmers, inlets, sumps, vacuum point and auto top up unit), pipework, Vision sand filter, Sta-Rite pump, Autopilot salt generator, Polaris pool cleaner, LED PU6 pool lights, Certikin maintenance kit and Fi-Clor chemicals

Falcon Pools Sales Executive, Lee Woodhams says: “Certikin is our pool supplier of choice because we can always rely on good quality and premium service – it’s the best and when, as in this case, we are asked to provide the best, we know where to go!”

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