Elite Swimming Academy Ltd was recently presented with the Small Business of the Year title in the prestigious Cambridgeshire Live Business Awards 2022. A key to its success was this once-derelict swimming pool which, with the help of local pool installer, Aqualeaf, and a host of
Certikin equipment, was transformed into a smart all-year round facility, thus becoming a major component of this innovative business.

As a company that offers expert swimming tuition for all ages and abilities throughout Cambridge and Suffolk, Elite Swimming Academy is reliant on the provision of warm, clean, private swimming pools. As the Academy’s founding director – English and Irish Solo Channel Swimmer, Ed Williams, says: “Part of our success is predicated on providing warm, inviting environments in which our pupils feel secure and comfortable to learn in.”

This dilapidated school pool in Cambridgeshire is a fine example of the Academy’s ability to identify a pool’s potential and, employing the right team and equipment, transform it into a pool that meets their exacting requirements.

The Academy turned to Huntingdon-based Aqualeaf to do the refurbishment, with Certikin supplying all the main ingredients. The major restoration began with the installation of a welded on-site liner which was crowned with an Aquacomet enclosure to make it an all-year round facility.

A fine liner

Certikin’s site-applied lining option was an obvious choice, given its speed of installation and its long-lasting tailor-made finish and durability. The Infinite on-site lining range uses a 1.5mm – 2mm three ply product compared to the traditional single ply 0.75mm vinyl used for factory made liners. The service is quick and efficient – taking around four working days for an average sized hopper pool with steps and there is no curing or standing period.  It’s suitable for both new and old pools of domestic and commercial size and can accommodate complex shapes, steps, ledges and pits. The longevity of the product, when compared to thinner linings or paints, is a major advantage, particularly for commercial pools. It comes with a 15-year pro rata warranty but the life expectancy can be double this in a well-maintained pool.


Making the pool weather-proof and extending the pool season were top priorities for the Academy. An enclosure also decreases the amount of chemicals needed and reduces water evaporation and heat loss.

Certikin offers a huge range of enclosures, suitable for any pool size or shape and with a variety of colour options and styles. Ranging from low-level enclosures to the full-height fixed style with wood effect finish, there is something for application. The Academy chose an Aquacomet endless summer enclosure measuring 17m x 10m which they bolted on to a custom-built changing block.

Safety is, of course, a number one priority for any swimming school and enclosures have a number of proven safety benefits. This model comes with a secure locking system, making it almost impossible for children to be in the pool unattended. Slips and falls can also be reduced by keeping the surrounding ground covered from ice and rain.

Certikin offers a free site survey, available on request if the quotation is acceptable. Installation is included for all enclosures with the exception of the AQ Box DIY which offers the option of installation or supply only.

The Academy’s shopping list also included: Thermal cover and roller; Calorex I-PAC (Y range) – 22kw single phase March-Nov heat pump; Alpine Filter; pipes and fittings; skimmers; main drain with anti -vortex grille; PU6 White Led liner; Certikin 120VA transformer; Bowman; Monitair; Blue Lagoon; Mini Led Liner Pools; Mini LED Receiver; and WiFi Controller

Taking 20 weeks to complete, the derelict pool was transformed into a state-of-the-art indoor facility, complete with luxury changing facilities, toilets and showers, that the Academy is justly proud of. “The pool has come a long way from when we first visited it at the start of this journey,” says Ed. “We are delighted with the end product and are actively looking for further opportunities to replicate the model.”

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