…this stunning, refurbished pool in rural Warwickshire bears no resemblance to the dilapidated pool that greeted Gareth Lancaster of Simplex Pools when he was first given the task of transforming it into “a luxury family pool for use all year round.”

In-depth planning meetings with the owners and much hard grafting by the Simplex team, and 12 weeks later, the restoration was complete. The final article is timelessly elegant and you don’t have to look too far to discover that the name behind the pool’s components is, of course, Certikin.

“We bought the house back in 2014 as a huge renovation project and the biggest draw was the pool, even though it was crying out for refurbishment,” explains the owner. “As you would expect, the pool and garden were not the first priority but they definitely generated the most excitement.

“We put a lot of thought into what we wanted a new pool to achieve and how we wanted to use it. First of all, we decided to add extensive steps the full width of the pool in the shallow end with a large top step.  This was a bit of a gamble as we realised that, in so doing, we were losing some of the swimming area but actually it feels like the pool is now ‘bigger’ and more usable.  The steps improve access, offer a great place to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage on a warm day, and give the little ones somewhere to paddle.”

The original pool was a Buster Crabbe – a very old panel pool from the early 1990s which had a 20-year old liner that had degraded but the foundations were still structurally sound. In order to accommodate the complexity of the steps and the installation of a safety cover, a bag liner was ruled out. The Certikin team set about on-site lining the 38ft by 20ft pool using Touch Elegance textured vinyl. Long-lasting, with a tailor-made finish, Infinite on-site lining uses a 1.5mm – 2mm three ply product compared to the traditional single ply 0.75mm vinyl used for factory made liners. The application is quick and efficient – taking around four working days for an average sized pool with steps and there is no curing or standing period.  It comes with a 15-year pro rata warranty but the life expectancy can be double in a well-maintained pool.

The delighted owner says: “The liner looks superb and the quality is far better than we had imagined. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering this option.”

The star of all covers

With young children and pets in the family, Certikin’s market-leading Coverstar safety cover was a natural choice. Supporting the weight of even adults, it uses the premium quality Ultra Guard III vinyl composite, rather than the industry-standard vinyl, popular with other manufacturers. The seamlessly integrated cover system is super-easy to operate and provides maximum safety (complies with French safety standard NFP90-308) without compromising the pool’s appearance.

The high level of UV resistance offered by Ultra Guard III considerably reduces the level of colour fading compared to standard vinyl, plus it has high resistance to chlorine, acid, ozone and other pool chemicals. Furthermore, instead of using sewn webbing (which often proves to be the weak area of the cover), Coverstar uses an exclusive patented process to heat seal the webbing, prolonging the cover’s life and improving the overall quality operation. Independent tests show this process is more than twice as strong as competitors’ webbing sewn to the cover. The heat-sealed webbing is also colour matched to the fabric to create a beautiful finish.

Certikin installed the cover in a pit with extended commercial brackets so that the coping stones would over-hang the pit wall.

“The Coverstar not only gives us peace of mind and looks great,” says the owner, “what really impressed us are its energy-saving properties, especially given the fact we heat the pool all year round.”

Water feature

Looking to inject some extra excitement and fun into the pool, six Certikin deck jets, powered by Certikin pipework and an Aquaspeed pump, were set into the pool’s surround and shoot, in spectacular fashion, arches of water over the pool, providing great fun for children and adults alike and a beautiful feature in its own right.

Lighting the way

Simplex installed six Certikin Lumi Plus LED lights in the step risers. “They’re excellent value and, with their stainless-steel effect on a plastic face plate, give a really high-end appearance,” says Gareth.

“I have been fortunate to be involved in some fabulous projects but this one is definitely up there as one of my all-time favourites. We love taking a really old, uncared for pool and turning it into something beautiful – it’s very rewarding. All the elements have come together to create a hard-working, stand-out pool that truly enhances its surroundings and the owner’s lifestyle. Knowing how much the family love and use it, is the icing on the cake for me.”

Equally delighted is the owner: “We could not be happier with the finished result. The pool is now a key part of our life and we wouldn’t be without it. It is heated all year round and we use it at least four times a week, come rain or shine!”

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