Tasked with constructing a new 20m by 8.5m swimming pool for the Astley Cooper School in Hertfordshire, the Buckingham Pools’ sales and design team turned to its trusty supplier, Certikin, to supply the filtration, heating, and chemical dosing.

Completed in May, pupils and staff have been putting this impressive pool through its paces and have already awarded it top marks for the performance.

“The pool’s shell construction proved challenging, coinciding with a really hot spell of weather and the team working in very humid conditions,” says Richard Sharman of Buckingham Pools. “Working under a scaffold crash deck obstructed the pool entirely and proved a very confining exercise. A solid static water test and first-fix pipework followed before the rendering and screed stage. Our construction and engineering team rose to the challenge, to ensure the deadline was met and they even managed to complete the tiling and plant room ahead of schedule.

“Equipment was selected on the basis of performance and longevity. Our design team conduct a comprehensive product investigation to ensure commercial standards are met whilst verifying the suitability for the scale and complexity of each pool build. As it’s the leading supplier of premium products, service, as well as customer support, we naturally turned to Certikin” says Rynoux Du Preez, the Sales Manager at Buckingham Pools. “With a demanding and complicated design and build project, such as this, working with the trusted UK market leader is of utmost importance.”

Regardless of the aesthetic requirements of a pool, it is nothing without sparkling, clear water and that all comes down to the quality of the filtration. Buckingham Pools chose Certikin’s SLX Bobbin Wound GRP Filtration. The SLX range of filters are the workhorse of a commercial pool and with a wide range, covering sizes from 1.05m through to 3.00m, and options for laterals and nozzles with various pressure ranges and accessories, any pool can be catered for. The standard SLX lateral version comes at 2.5 bar rating with commercial laser cut 50mm laterals making them robust for the commercial environment and all backed up with a 10-year warranty.

Certikin supplied a Euroswim Booster Pump – highly reliable for water circulation and filtering, it is also extremely silent. The Euroswim series is available in three versions.

Buckingham Pools also turned to Certikin for its chemical dosing in the shape of a complete FLOC or PAC dosing solution. FLOC, or Flocculant, is a liquid that is added into a pool improving the filter efficiency and, in turn, the water quality. FLOC works by bonding together small particles in the water making them much larger and easier to trap in the filtration system.

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