It’s not hard to see why Simplex Pools scooped Gold for this beautiful pool in Guildford in the prestigious UK Pool & Spa awards. Ingeniously constructed on the side of a hill, to take full advantage of the stunning views, it is brimming top to bottom with the best equipment a pool can get – Certikin’s, of course!  

Nestling in the outstanding beauty of the Surrey Hills, this concrete tiled infinity pool caught the eye of the UK Pool & Spa judges and made it a shoo-in for the much-coveted Residential Outdoor Pool (90k-150k) of 2021 award.

At first, uncertain as to whether his young family would use a swimming pool, the owner decided to ‘test the waters’ by commissioning Hayling Island-based Simplex Pools to install a Certikin 6 by 4m wooden pool in a deck surround. No stranger to doing business with Simplex, he had used the company to install pools in a number of other properties he owns and was highly impressed with the standard of workmanship but this proved to be the start of the family’s own water leisure journey. Finding that it was hard to keep the kids out of the pool, he last summer invited Simplex back to replace the wooden pool with a larger, more sophisticated structure. The owner is delighted to report, he’s not looked back.

Taking just four months from start to finish, the 9.5m by 4.2m constant depth pool is topped off with a transparent, pit-mounted Roldeck cover (the blue tint allows the pool’s underwater LED lighting to shine through). The Roldeck “not only looks good but, in its slickness of operation, it works like a dream.”

The Roldeck is the ultimate in heat insulation, significantly reducing the amount of evaporation, it offers staggering energy savings of up to 70 per cent. Scoring high on durability and stylish good looks, the Roldeck is ideal for new and existing pools, and has a wide variety of installation options to choose from. Each Roldeck is made to measure, with the coiling mechanism installed above or below ground or in the pool itself. High-spec features include a touch pad switch and remote control for easy calibration and operation and a safety lock. Roldeck’s standard PVC slats come in white, blue, cream, grey, solar and transparent. The solar option, with a black base, collects heat from the sun and transfers it directly into the water, greatly reducing heating costs. Powered by a 24 volt In-Roller Motor system (negating the need for a separate motor pit) – a high pressure motor vessel filled with nitrogen, features Formula 1 shock absorber seal technology, a built-in pressure sensor and a concealed stainless-steel motor driven spindle

Adding an extra layer of fun, the pool is fitted with a Fastlane counter current unit. The Fastlane is made up of a remotely located hydraulic power unit that supplies hydraulic fluid to the swim unit in the pool. Simple hydraulics means that no electricity is required poolside.

What sets this market-leader apart from others is that the turbulence-free water stream it produces is wider than the swimmer’s body and deeper than any swim stroke, yet it is narrow enough not to impinge on other swimmers. Unlike jetted alternatives, the Fastlane generates a wide block of crystal clear, bubble- free and completely adjustable water flow, delivering the fastest, smoothest swim current (a necessity for any serious swimmer) available in any swimming machine.

Athletes and leisure users enjoy a current between 4:04 and 1:14 minutes per 100m pace which can be adjusted using the remote control or with the addition of the Fit@Home app. There is also the option of a 6” high pace display. The required minimum water depth is 0.9m making it suitable for both large and small swimming pools as it lets you swim without turning.

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