With a little help from Certikin, Cheshire Pool Services re-creates the ‘luxury hotel experience’…

…it was a request that topped the customer’s wish list, along with the pool being a model of efficiency. Given the brief, Cheshire Pool Services turned to its tried and trusted supplier Certikin, secure in the knowledge that it could amply satisfy the owner’s expectations.

“The owner had recently returned from holiday,” explains Cheshire Pool Services’ Chris Shore. “Of course, like all of us, he wished that he was back relaxing by the hotel pool. Naturally, life can’t be one long holiday, but he did the next best thing, called and instructed us to, as far as possible, replicate the hotel experience at home. A keen swimmer, he required a pool long enough to complete lengths.”

Without further ado, the Warrington-based pool dealer set about constructing this beautiful 15m x 2.4m lap pool (with a constant depth of 1.2m) within the confines of a spacious, glass pool hall, an extension of the main house. Some nine months later, the job was finished and the pool up and running.

“With rising energy costs, the customer requested the most energy efficient equipment,” says Chris. “To that end, we ensured the pool’s shell was fully insulated and installed a Roldeck slatted automatic pool cover.”

The Roldeck is the ultimate in heat insulation, significantly reducing the amount of evaporation, it offers staggering energy savings of up to 70 per cent. Scoring high on durability and stylish good looks, the Roldeck is ideal for new and existing pools, and has a wide variety of installation options to choose from. Each Roldeck is made to measure, with the coiling mechanism installed above or below ground or in the pool itself. High-spec features include a touch pad switch and remote control for easy calibration and operation and a safety lock. Powered by a 24 volt in-roller motor system (negating the need for a separate motor pit) – a high pressure motor vessel filled with nitrogen, features Formula 1 shock absorber seal technology, a built-in pressure sensor and a concealed stainless-steel motor driven spindle

“The Roldeck is a great piece of kit that combines well with the Smart Pool system to provide complete automation of the pool,” adds Chris.

Smart Pool delivers the ultimate integrated experience in automated control of pool equipment and operational processes. This versatile system can be tailored to individual needs, providing effortless maintenance and complete peace of mind. It can be operated from a mobile, tablet or PC and has the option of an additional touch screen on the ‘central control hub’.

With a nod to energy efficiency, heating and environmental control of the pool hall is taken care of in the summer thanks to a Calorex Air Source Heat Pump. Inverter heat pump technology allows for efficient control of the pool temperature with the I-PAC/V-PAC only using what energy is needed when it is required. High efficiency with modulating step-less inverter compressor gives an average COP of 10.3 (I-PAC+), 9.7 (I-PAC) and 10.7 (V-PAC), which is twice as efficient as the older on/off models.

Complying with the new F-Gas regulations in Europe, the heat pumps use the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R32. It requires less refrigerant volume per kW and is easier to recycle. The heat pumps are of a compact size with a small footprint and compliant with permitted development rights. The I-PAC is made from aluminium alloy and the V-PAC from ABS.

The pool is also fitted with a Calorex Delta for use outside of the summer months. It is the ultimate environmental control system, designed to take full control of the whole indoor environment and pool water heating. A comprehensive range, there’s a Delta to suit pools of every size. It comes with a two-year warranty and commissioning is included in the price.

Totally self-contained, the Delta removes moisture and recovers energy which is then re-used to heat the pool water and air. By utilising this method of heat recovery, energy costs are kept to a minimum. Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex heat pump consumes, it will convert 2.4 times this amount to usable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heating and ventilation methods, cost savings of over 50% are achievable while corresponding CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced by as much as 70%.

“Cheshire Pool Services are big fans of Certikin’s stainless steel fittings and PU2 coloured lights and they often feature in our installations,” says Chris. “They look good and stand the test of time.” Other Certikin equipment installed on this pool includes stainless steel treadsteps, Flolux fittings, Aquaspeed pump, Certikin Plant Room Shield, Quantum UV and Hyrdroswim deep bed filter.

“Certikin have supported Cheshire Pool Services from the moment we entered the water leisure industry three years ago. Our recent nomination for the prestigious Pool Contractor of the Year at the upcoming UK Pool & Spa Awards has helped to reinforce our position as a UK leading pool dealer, and is something we are extremely proud of considering we were a small start-up business at the beginning. We have a strong partnership with Certikin, and the company has been integral to the success of our business. Its customer service is incomparable and that, in turn, helps us provide the best service to our customers.”






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