This stunning pool in Essex went through many design iterations before the customer settled on a lane pool complete with custom made fountains. Calling on the services of the Holland-on-Sea family run, SPS Swimming Pools & Spas, the owner is delighted that their execution of the brief has surpassed his expectations.

“We were originally approached by the owner’s landscape designer with a request to build a water feature with a separate pond at one end,” says Ashley Spencer of SPS Pools & Spas. “Following further discussions, the plan then progressed to the construction of a 25m x1.8m lane pool with three eye-catching water fountains, designed and custom made in-house using clear pipe, to be hidden from sight.

As the main house was also under construction, SPS worked alongside the owner’s builder to construct the pool shell.

“Whilst the customer was initially unsure of what he wanted the pool to achieve, and thus look like, he and the designer were adamant they wanted it to be in-keeping with its surroundings. White fittings were ruled out for being too stark and the pool needed to have a dark finish to blend into the landscape.”

Certikin’s site-applied lining option was an obvious choice, given its speed of installation and its long-lasting tailor made finish and durability. The chosen liner was Elegance from the Renolit Touch Range. It proved to be a job of two halves as heavy rain stopped play for a while.

The Infinite on-site lining range uses a 1.5mm – 2mm three ply product compared to the traditional single ply 0.75mm vinyl used for factory made liners. The service is quick and efficient – taking around four working days for an average sized hopper pool with steps and there is no curing or standing period. It’s suitable for both new and old pools of domestic and commercial size and can accommodate complex shapes, steps, ledges and pits. The longevity of the product, when compared to thinner linings or paints, is a major advantage. It comes with a 15-year pro rata warranty, but the life expectancy can be double this in a well maintained pool.

“The choice of pool fittings can make or break the overall impression and Certikin’s Optimus range was perfect for ticking the request for the pool to blend in,” says Ashley. Suitable for both liner and concrete pools, the Optimus range complements darker pool finishes as it comes in an attractive metallic grey or black plastic. Products include skimmer extension throats, wall inlets and vacuum points.

“The pool is lined either side with Cypress trees and shrubs. The challenge for SPS was to provide effective filtration and flow to quickly remove any fauna debris. We installed an Aquaspeed 1hp circulation pump, plus a variable speed Aquaspeed pump to control the fountains. We connected a control wire and circuit so the speed can be controlled remotely. We also installed a 130W Blue Lagoon UV. It’s all highly reliable equipment that does exactly what it says on the tin and gives me the reassurance that the pool won’t be hit with problems.

“The customer didn’t request any form of heating as it was initially intended that the pool would be an ornamental focal point, one which the grandchildren could, on occasion, take a dip in. However, such is the lure of the garden’s new addition, the owner has now taken to swimming every morning and discovered that cold water swimming is a life-restoring revelation. He can’t wait for the water to get colder in the winter!

“Certikin is our choice of supplier because it offers an extensive range of high-quality equipment that over the years, we have come to know and trust. In addition, its staff demonstrate an impressive array of product knowledge. Having faith in contracted teams (such as the on-site lining team) to work on your project is incredibly important. Finally, if ever there is any problem, it’s addressed quickly and effectively.”

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